How do you cure puberty goitre with home remedies?

Iodine rich foods such as water cress, turnips, carrots, garlic, guavas, oats, pineapples and all types of sea-food must be consumed in large quantities to tackle goiter. Most effective amongst these foods is watercress which has the ability of preventing as well as treating the disorder.

The leaves of the dandelion vegetable are found to be most effective in treating enlarged goiter. The leaves must be wrapped around the affected area. Dandelion leaves have the ability to bring down the swelling around the affected neck area. Wrapping the watercress vegetable around the thyroid gland also displays similar benefits to that of dandelion and reduces the enlarged area.

Neck exercises, stretches, moderate exercise or simple aerobic activity will help the muscles around the thyroid glands to stretch and bring down the swelling. Yoga in the other hand is considered to be the panacea for all thyroid related problems, especially in the case of goiter and hypothyroidism. Yoga especially helps spur up the bodily metabolism namely because of the asana - Sarvangasna (shoulder stand). Since this asana places a massive pressure on the gland due to the nature of its posture, the Sarvangasna is considered to be the answer for goiter and thyroid issues.

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