Causes of white spots on skin

The pigment called melanin is responsible for our skin color. When the production of melanin is uneven, it results in white spots on the body. The deficiency of Vitamin B 12 in the body causes lower production of melanin in the different parts of the body. You could therefore include some Vitamin B12 supplements in order to solve this problem.

Artificial tanning of the skin as well as various fungal infections are some of the causes of white spots on skin. Improper hygiene, such as not taking a shower regularly, can also be responsible for triggering a fungal infection in the body. If the spots are due to fungal infections, an antifungal cream could be used as an immediate remedy. Sometimes white spots on the body could result as a side effect from the intake of certain medication.

There are few tips you could use to reduce the occurrence of white spots on the skin.

  • Avoid sunburns by going out in glaring sun. If you have to, apply a sun block lotion of SPF 60 and take a hat or an umbrella.
  • A moisturizing cream with calamine is good for applying on such spots.
  • Cabbage juice applied directly on the affected parts is one of the most common home remedies for white spots on skin. Include cabbage in your daily diet as well.
  • Drink ginger juice mixed with lemon juice and water daily for better blood circulation around the spots, which is important to gain back their color.
  • Homeopathic remedies include Natrum carbonicum, Alum, Phosphorus, and Silica, but consult a homeopath for the exact medication in your case.

Visiting a dermatologist is a must to rule out vitiligo and leucoderma, for which medical treatment is necessary. He would be able to diagnose whether it is a genetic factor in you. A condition called idiopathic guttate hupomelnosis also leads to white spots. This causes natural aging of the skin and inheritance.

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