I want to concieve a baby and my age is 33, but my husband is 42 and he is diabetic but not insulin dependent, would it be safe, I mean can his diabetes will effect the baby?

Unless your husband suffers from erectile dysfunction, which might be caused by his diabetes, you should not have any problems conceiving. However, you must also remember that untreated diabetes can decrease his sperm count and motility and hence, you must ensure that his diabetes is monitored and under control. If you face any difficulty while conceiving, it is recommended that your husband undergoes a routine semen analysis test. If a low sperm count is the diagnosed in the results of the test, you can attempt to conceive using the process of IVF. You must ensure that you do not develop diabetes during the time in which you wish to conceive by making the right changes and additions to your diet and increasing and maintaining a certain level of activity. This is very important because babies born to mothers with diabetes are more vulnerable to congenital abnormalities

Babies are not born with diabetes. The exact process of how diabetes is inherited but the probability that your child will have diabetes later in life is low. If your husband has diabetes, the likelihood of your child developing diabetes is 6 in 100. If a mother has type I diabetes, the chances of the child developing diabetes are much lower - only two in one hundred young children are likely to develop the condition. If neither parent has diabetes, the chance that their child develops diabetes by the time he reaches the age of 20 is about 2 in 1,000.

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