by Rachel Bhan

X rays, also referred to as Rontgen rays, are utilized mostly for radiography. They are electromagnetic waves with a high frequency of 30 to 30,000 PHz and are similar to light waves.  A portion of the rays diffuse through the body part to be x rayed. An image is received on a recording plate. Soft tissues do not absorb much radiation, whereas, bone absorbs more rays. This is the reason attributed for the white color of bones and black shades of soft tissues (fat, muscles or organs) in an x ray. They can be stored as digital images and used for comparison with successive x-rays.

Diseases of the tissues are determined by x rays. Lung cancer, edema or pneumonia is determined by a chest x ray. In cases of kidney or gall stones, x rays are sometimes undetectable. They are also not of much use in muscle and brain imaging. The individual is made to lie down on a table. The x ray recording plate is placed under the table, exactly under the body part to be diagnosed.

The pelvic area of the individual is shielded from rays by placing a lead apron. Sandbags or pillows can be of use in maintaining the position. A vague and imprecise image is avoided by restricting the patients from breathing for a few seconds. The specialist remains in the next room. Repositioning the patient aids in capturing the image from a different position.

Optical illusion is the principle behind the usage of x ray spectacles. It comprises of a large pair of x-ray glasses and white cardboard lenses with a 6mm opening. They have plastic frames and the viewing happens through the holes. Each lens layer comprises of a feather in between them. The vanes are placed in such a way, that two images are obtained. This image refrains from staying for a long time.

X-ray cameras consist of a scintillator with fiber optic. Beam configuration calls for extremely sensitive video camera.  They benefit more than filming methods, as they are concerned with vibrant imaging. X rays are simple and fast and are beneficial in evaluating broken bones and joints. It is easily available with most physicians and nursing homes, apart from hospitals. Emergency treatment hastens up in the presence of a x ray. They do not pose any side effects and radiation remains are not seen in the body. Nevertheless, the risks of cancer from these radiations do exist. A chance of pregnancy is revealed to the physician, if any.

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