Home remedies for burnt finger

How to treat 1st degree burn?

First degree burns are the ones which affect only the top most or the superficial layer of the skin. They scald the flesh but do not form blisters. These are quick to heal and are much less likely to get infected. First degree burns treatment can be performed at home.

You will need to run cold water on your burnt and scalded flesh. First degree burns are minor flesh wounds and do not require medical attention unless you have burnt a large surface area of your skin. First degree burn first aid is relatively easy to perform.

If there is pain and swelling due to the burns, you can take some pain relieving medications which help in treating first degree burns. You can rub some petroleum jelly on the scalded flesh. Instead of petroleum jelly, you can also apply some fresh aloe vera gel to the scalded flesh. This will soothe the flesh and also help heal the wounds quickly.

Do not apply a bandage to the wound and allow it to heal on its own. In case there are any blisters on the scalded flesh, do not apply any pressure on the skin. Also do not prick the blisters as this could cause infection. Keep applying the aloe vera gel everyday till the wound is completely healed.

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What is the best home treatment for my hand that got burned with hot oil cooking?

Men and women, who cook, often get burns on their hands and arms. The cooking oil may spill on your hands and arm, or it may splash and some of the droplets may cause small burns all over the skin. As soon as you scald your skin, immediately place the skin under cold running water. Let the water run on the skin till the stinging sensation subsides.

Use a soft cotton ball to clean the wound and then apply some petroleum jelly on it. If you are out of petroleum jelly, you can also apply fresh aloe vera gel, which is a great remedy for cooking oil burns. The gel soothes the skin and allows the skin to heal much faster without scabbing and scarring.

Sweet oil and castor oil are considered some of the other oil burn remedies. If you are wondering how to treat a burn at home, essential oils can come in really handy. Lavender essential oil can be mixed with vegetable oil and applied on your wound. This will improve cell rejuvenation and it will heal your wound very fast.

You can place potato slices on your flesh and allow these to cool the burning and scalding sensations in the skin. Linseed oil and Carron oil are some of the other remedies for burnt skin.

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Apply aloe vera gel or pure aloe vera gel if you can get hold of it. That should soothe your burnt finger instantly. Then visit a doctor if it still hurts you. Your finger may have deeper burns for which a doctor can suggest an antiseptic solution and the appropriate medical care.

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