I Use My Finger Tips At Work All Day And They Hurt Where The Skin Connects To The Nail. What Should I Do To Help With The Pain?

This finger pain may be due to any kind of nail fungus or excess of pressure on the finger and nails. In any case, you can try the following ways to ease finger pain:

  • Soaking your fingers in warm water with some gentle shampoo or detergent will definitely help you to relieve pain. Apart from soaking, try massaging your fingers and nails with olive oil or Vitamin E oil. Soaking and massaging helps in restoring the lost moisture and prevent nail from chipping and cracking.
  • You can also try applying an antiperspirant as at times sweating aggravates the condition and results in nail fungus.
  • Cut down and file your nails. Long nails can be very painful because when you pressurize your finger and nail, the whole day, the nail tends to slightly lift from the back.
  • Remove all the dead skin using soap and a gentle scrub brush. This will help ease the pain and also prevent the fungal infection.
  • Vinegar is another best solution for relieving finger pain.
  • Avoid any kind of other activities that can aggravate pain.
  • Avoid working the whole day with a constant finger position. If you are into a writing job, then don't write continuously. Give some break to your fingers to relax. While relaxing you can also rotate your fingers and perform other finger activity with a different finger position.

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