Home remedies for systolic blood pressure

Home Remedies for Systolic Blood Pressure

You can try with the following home remedies for reducing the level of blood and living a healthy life.
  1. Every morning make a habit of consuming few cloves of garlic.
  2. Take a mixture of Indian gooseberry and honey every morning.
  3. Watermelon also helps in regulating the normal blood levels.
  4. Take lukewarm water and mix a tsp of cayenne pepper. Drink this mixture.
  5. Make a blend of watermelon seeds and khaskhas and take one tsp of this mixture every morning and every evening.
  6. Pour lemon drops in a glass of water and drink in regular intervals of time. This will help in immediate relief.
  7. Mixture of holy basil and margosa leaves also work wonders in reducing blood levels.
  8. Try Spiegel seeds with 2-3 tsp of curd.
  9. Prepare a mixture of fennel seeds, sugar and cumin seeds. Blend this mixture well in a glass of water and drink it every morning.
  10. Increased level of minerals and low sodium diet may also be valuable in helping control high blood pressure.
  11. Mixture of onion juice and honey is also beneficial in lowering blood pressure.
  12. Baked potatoes and grapefruits are another home remedies for systolic blood pressure.
  13. Apart from various dietary habits, some of the yogic postures like suryanamaskar, makarasana, matsyasana, vajrasana, shavasana and pranayam are beneficial fro reducing blood pressure.

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