Why is my blood pressure higher in the evening than in the morning?

Every body part and organs have their own functions in order to run the vital body functions. Similarly, even blood pressure plays a vital role in regulating the overall functioning of the internal body. Proper circulation of blood is very important for healthy living.

Blood pressure works on a daily pattern. The pressure slightly reduces when you relax or while you sleep at night. Gradually when your body starts working, the blood pressure starts increasing. In the morning, you will find a definite increase in your blood pressure which will eventually increase to its peak at mid afternoon. Again, in the late evening, blood pressure starts to fall down.

Sometimes an abnormal working pattern of the blood pressure is noticed. In such cases, the pressure may be higher in the evening than in the morning or the pressure is at its peak in the morning. In both the cases, the normal pattern changes and causes impairment of the vital body functions.

The factors responsible for higher blood pressure in the evening are sleep apnea, snoring problems, poor control over blood pressure, tumor, excessive stress, night shift work, kidney infections, certain drugs, use of tobacco and use of caffeine.

To bring the normal working pattern of your blood pressure you need to curb the causes and take proper treatment for the underlying disease.

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