My Mother has had a stroke due to high blood pressure, She has a clot & is paralyzed on the right side since 4 years. She still is conscious. Kindly advice.

It is not clear exactly what you are looking for, as you have only described your mother's condition without asking for any particular information. If you are looking for home remedies to treat your mother, then we must inform you that there are none, in the real sense of the word. There is no home remedy to cure the paralysis and other physical and mental impairment that is often experienced in the aftermath of a stroke. There are many types of strokes, and immediate treatment varies depending on the type of stroke that is suffered. Surgical intervention is sometimes needed, while in other cases drugs such as aspirin in high doses or tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) are used. These are all highly complex and specialized treatments that need to be administered by a qualified medical professional.

After the patient has been stabilized and the critical period is over, a lot of care and rehabilitation is needed in order to overcome the disabilities that may have been developed. In some cases it is possible to recover enough to return to normal life and activities, while in other cases the patient needs to learn to adapt and accept his or her condition. In your mother's case, since it has been four years since she suffered a stroke, it is quite likely that she has already recovered to the extent that is possible, and not much more can be done. Stroke recovery and rehabilitation involves many elements, especially when the patient suffers paralysis. Physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and medical treatment, all help the patient to recover physically and mentally. Various exercises and training routines are used to help the patient regain muscle strength and control, and if there is loss or deterioration in speech and language skills, then these are also specially taught to the patient. In addition to these techniques there are also several modern drugs that help repair the brain and the nerves and can substantially improve the patient's condition. If you have not already explored all these options, you should do so. Therapeutic techniques have the most effect in the first year after the stroke, so it is unlikely that they will offer much improvement now. However, medical treatment can still help your mother, and you should find out about the options available.

A healthy diet is also extremely important - the general rules of having a low fat, low salt, and well rounded diet hold, but the doctors treating your mother will be able to provide more specific, personalized recommendations.

answered by G R

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