I have Peyronies for 5 yrs now.3 URO'S later take vitamin E.The plaque is wrapped around the whole base and it shrunk almost 4 inches. Is there any external herb to soften plaque and calcium.

Peyronie's disease is the plaque formation in the penis. The area of the erectile tissue is the place of occurrence of the lump. It starts as a small swelling which further broadens into a hardened scar. Blood flow in the inflamed area is reduced. This results in curvature of the penis, resulting in deformations. Also referred to as cavernositis, it accumulates calcium compounds. Men above the age of 18 years are prone to pyronie's or plastic induration. It is painful and restrains an individual from sexual intercourse. Painkillers with salicylic acid are helpful. Acupuncture remedies are most commonly seen. The lump is a bundle of energy which is diverted throughout the body. The ultimate motive of exercise is to soften the plaque. Massage enhances the circulation, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen around the scar. This aids in elimination of the toxic wastes. Nei gung is a Chinese exercise form that increases the energy to the penis. Controversy still prevails regarding the correlation between vitamin E and peyronie's disease. Homoeopathic remedies are gaining popularity due to the lack of addictions. They are devoid of side effects. They help in tissue repair and thereby soften the lump.

answered by Dr C

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