Is APC Treatment help more for patients suffering from rectum infection and having bleeding?

Rectal pain or itch is an outcome of infection. Pruritis or itching in the anal area with redness is seen. The oily barrier around the anal region is removed by washing with hot water and soap. This in turn leads to rectal itching. Can you elucidate on the technique of APC treatment? Antibiotics consumed for constipation or diarrhea causes pruritis. Scented tissues and soaps are better avoided. Improper cleaning of private parts results in aggregation of stools in the folds. Rectal pain is also associated with constipation, diarrhea and anal itch. Rectal bleeding is a result of bleeding in any part of the gastro intestinal tract. Bleeding can be due to piles or hemorrhoids. Small amount of blood loss is not considered unsafe. Persistent bleeding is life threatening and calls for immediate attention. Dizziness, fainting and light headedness are the other commonly seen symptoms. Avoid self medication. Adequate intake of water and other fluids are advised. Take the guidance of a physician for further information. Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are generally recommended. ECG and other vital parameters are diagnosed.

answered by Dr C

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