What can cause your lip, face and tongue to swell?

Trauma is one of the major causes of a swollen face; however besides this a swelling on the lips and the tongue, could also be due to an allergic reaction. The main allergen for this kind of a reaction is usually a food or a beverage that was consumed. Skin care products like lip-gloss could also lead to swelling of the face. Some people also react to certain medications or to certain irritants present in the environment like dust, fumes and pollen.

Home remedies for allergic swelling:

  • The first point to keep in mind is to consult a doctor at the earliest, especially if the swelling does not subside. This is mainly recommended because if the swelling spreads to the throat and nose, it may hinder your ability to breathe as well as swallow. Anti-allergic medication is normally administered immediately, if the condition appears to be caused by an allergen.
  • If the swelling is not much, the use of an ice pack is recommended as it helps to reduce inflammation. If an ice pack is not available, using a frozen bag of vegetables or dipping a towel in cold water and placing it on your face will also prove to be beneficial.
  • The application of aloe gel on the affected regions may provide some relief.
  • Drinking plenty of water could also prove to be useful as it helps to flush out impurities from the body.
  • Stress could be one of the causes for the swelling. Therefore, practicing relaxation techniques like mediation and deep breathing exercises may help to calm the body and mind and in turn reduce the swelling.
  • For the treatment of an allergic reaction it is essential to identify the irritant that actually caused the reaction. Staying away from the irritant is essential as the condition will get aggravated if the irritant is still present in the vicinity.

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