how to cure swelling on foot?

The best way to treat what is most likely water retention is swimming or water aerobics in a swimming pool that is roughly the same temperature as your skin. Avoiding diuretics is very important because they upset the hormonal balance and that can cause a host of problems that are far worse than water retention. Cut back on the salt you eat. Stay away from salty foods, read ingredients to see how much sodium a food has. This causes your body to retain fluid to help your kidneys handle the excess salt from your diet. It is always best to eat foods that are all natural and made from whole grains along with fresh fruits and vegetables that are not cooked with salt…in fact, the more you can avoid cooking them at all the better! Gentle exercise, but enough to crack a sweat, will help with salt and fluid retention. This is important, so get out there and start walking! Even if you are unable to get out and about to exercise, you can exercise a little from your chair. This will help to get the fluids moving and flushed out of your system. As with most things that go wrong with your body, it is important to drink plenty of water. This will flush existing fluid out of your body along with toxins and sodium that cause the retention of water.

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