Fibrocystic breast treatment tips

Fibroids in the breasts can be a very worrisome experience for any woman. Finding a lump in your breast could cause a lot of distress, and it is important that women make frequent checks for any occurrence of the same. Women aged forty and over need to be especially careful of the formation of any lump in the breast because it is indicative of a more serious underlying problem. The moment you feel that you have a lump in your breasts you should speak with your gynecologist and seek further advice on what is to be done. Most often, however, the fibroids that develop in the breasts are non malignant or non cancerous. If you do find a lump in your breast, keep the following things in mind:
  • Fibroids that occur usually do so during the menstrual period, so there are chances that they may disappear after your period has been completed.
  • Staying healthy and getting enough exercise will help in maintaining hormonal balance that keeps such complications under control. Most often, lumps that form in the body are due to hormonal imbalances.
  • Consuming healthy foods that cleanse the body of toxins and clear out the system are also a well recommended method of keeping the occurrence of fibroids in the breasts at bay.
  • Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin E have been known to be of great help in treating breast fibroids. Lettuce, broccoli, unleavened bread and other fruits that contain the required vitamin are recommended for consumption when attempting to treat such a condition at home.
  • Honey has been worthily recommended for its great medicinal benefits, and consuming a teaspoonful of honey every morning, on an empty stomach will have its benefits on overall health conditions of any person, irrespective of gender and age.

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