How can I increase the activity of my brain?

The brain is one of the most important organs of our body. It is the central organ that sees to the proper functioning of all the activities that we undertake on a daily basis. All the aspects of our life, from the simplest to the most complex, are governed by the brain, and therefore, it is important to keep the brain healthy so that it functions correctly at all times.

If you work on enhancing the functioning of the brain, you can improve your memory, creativity, skills in solving problems, and hand eye coordination, to name a few. You can do a lot of things to enhance the functioning of your brain. Some of these are as follows.

  • Give your brain rest. For about half an hour everyday, sit still in your room, close your eyes, and think of a tranquil place. Try to shut out the noise. If you can, just before sitting, shut the windows and doors so that there is no disturbance. Try to pass into a trance where you do not think about anything. This will be a little difficult to achieve at first. However, do not give up. Eventually, you will be able to shut your mind easily.
  • exercise. Exercising is important to keep both body and mind fit. As often as you can, go for a walk or a jog. A recent research in the US has revealed that exercising helps regenerate grey cells and increases the volume of the brain. It also helps increase the white matter that is the substance that forms the connections between the various neurons.
  • Read. Ideally, read something that you enjoy, such as fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, or even a newspaper. Reading helps give your brain a boost by stimulating it. Reading can help your mind relax. It improves the cognitive skills and increases vocabulary. You will also be able to record and analyze more information.
  • Engage in a challenging debate. An interesting conversation has a lot to offer. It helps to exercise your grey cells. When you are with someone, put your thoughts across and offer to discuss. When you start to play with your brain, there is an increase in the volume of blood that flows to it. The synapses, connections between the nerves, also strengthen.
  • Spice up your food. Certain spices, like the yellow-colored turmeric powder, have elements that can slow down the aging of the brain. These spices help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and keep memory sharp.

answered by M W

  1. Aerobics or jogging every day early in the morning for 1/2 hour is very good.
  2. Do Yog with pranayam for 40 minutes, this is anaerobic.
  3. Take bottle gourd 500 gms juice with walnut 1 tsp powder in it and 1 tsp honey.

answered by D M K

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