Are there any natural ways to treat a brain aneurysm?

Home remedies for brain aneurysm-

  • Do Kapalbhaati that is exale air out by compressing the diaphragm inwards with force and exaling air out ,do this for 20 minutes just concentrate on exhaling THIS WAY automatically inhalation takes place slowly after all air is expelled out during exhalation
  • Do simple breathing exercise ,inhale from left nostril by closing right with the right thumb .Inhale slowly say in 5 secs and then exale from the right nostril by closing tightly the left with your fingers.Then inhale again from this right nostril in 5 secs then close it and exale from the left in 5 secs .Repeat this phenomenon for 20 minutes daily early in thee morning
  • Take 2 tsf's of glycerine 2 times daily.

answered by D M K

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