Home remedies for cloudy urine and underarm rash

Cloudy urine and the rash on your arm symptomatic of a wide variety of disorders both individually and otherwise. The two problems could be unconnected or linked and it is important that you consult a doctor or general physician at the earliest for an accurate diagnosis. If the rash is looked at in isolation too, it is impossible to say with any level of accuracy what kind of a rash it is or what the exact cause is as you have not specified the nature of the rash, and there are numerous kinds of rashes with a variety of causes that could appear on the arm or any other body parts.

Cloudy or milky urine can be caused by changes in the urine and symptomatic of problems like proteinuria or blood in the urine. Cloudy urine can be a sin of a very serious disease and requires prompt medical diagnosis. Cloudy urine could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or a number of diseases like Cystitis, Gonorrhea, or passing kidney stones to name a few. Cloudy urine accompanied with a rash could also be a sign of Schistosomiasis, which is a serious disease for which parasitic worms are responsible.

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