I have 2 yrs old son. He gets chest congestion often in monsoon or when its raining. Due to this he is becoming lean.He is under Homeopathic treatment from last 5 months but its of no use.

Chest congestion is a common problem among toddlers that may arise from different underlying causes. Common cold is one of the most common causes. The other factors include asthma, bronchitis, any other acute or chronic respiratory tract problems, exposure to environmental pollutants, inhalation of cigarette smoke, etc. Chest congestion may or may not be associated with breathing difficulties. In the monsoons, toddlers generally develop a cold due to viruses. These viruses hamper the normal mucus secretion in the lungs, and the mucus tends to become stickier.  Your 2-year-old may also experience cough as an effect of the body’s natural phenomenon to expel the mucus.

Some of the symptoms that may be prevalent in chest congestion are mild chest pains, feeling of pressure or tightness in chest, wheezing, breathing discomforts, a runny nose, etc. Any type of effective cures of chest congestion should aim at soothing the respiratory tracts from the outside and also to liquefy the stickier mucus that adheres to the lung passages.

Homeopathy is an option for relieving chest congestion in toddlers. However, finding out the right cause is vital so that the perfect homeopathic drug could be administered. It is important to consult a well-experienced homeopathic practitioner. Tuberculinum is a homeopathic drug that can be used in consultation. Homeopathy is also known to show positive results along with certain supportive therapies. These may include castor oil applications on the belly, use of certain herbs, and hydrotherapy, which is the application of hot and cold towels to the chest in an alternating manner. A well-balanced diet is also necessary along with the treatment.

Some of the home remedies that may be helpful in relieving your toddler’s chest congestion are:

  • Add measured amount of honey to warm water and allow your child to sip in small quantities throughout the day. Mixture of lemon juice and honey is also beneficial.
  • Eating boiled garlic cloves may clear the mucus in the respiratory tract.
  • Boil the leaves of Bishop’s weed. Strain and administer the liquid along with honey to your toddler.
Be sure to consult the specialist before opting for the above home remedies. You can also ensure natural relief for toddlers by using a vaporizer or humidifier in the living room. In the monsoons, the chances of infections increase, so maintain optimum hygiene. Washing hands or using a hand sanitizer at frequent intervals will alleviate the chances of catching further infections. Also, keep your child away from dust and smoke.


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answered by G M

Homeopathy always works if it is the right remedy. However, sometimes it takes a little while to find the most appropriate medicine. Continue to consult with your homeopathic practitioner and consider tuberculinum as a clearing remedy. Also, some homeopathic remedies benefit from supportive therapies. In your son's case, perhaps some warming herbs,  (curry, ginger, etc.) hydrotherapies (alternating hot/cold towels to chest),  and castor oil packs (castor oil rubbed on belly with a heating pack or in a hot bath) would be helpful to get "things moving. He has an overabundance of dampness, and needs "warmth" to stimulate his vital force. Please rule out any underlying nutritional deficiency, and ensure he is getting an appropriate amount of protein in his diet.

answered by Dr K B N

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