Does removing sugar from your diet cause headaches temporarily?

There are many causes of low blood sugar. These include improper intake of foods that get absorbed as sugars into the blood. One may also suffer from the problem when the digestive system is not functioning efficiently. Certain forms of diabetes may lead to suddenly low blood sugar.

In order to prevent suffering from low blood sugar and the subsequent symptoms of the condition, one must follow a healthy balanced diet. When we speak of sugar in the diet, it is important that one understands the various sources of sugar. This will provide the body with plenty of nutrition without adding too much bulk to the system. Natural sweeteners like honey can be used in place of table sugar. The body uses sugar in the form of glucose for energy production.

By removing refined sugar from the diet, one will not be removing all the glucose supply of the body. In fact, many foods are converted into glucose during digestion. Thus, the removal of refined sugar or table from the diet should have no major effect on the body of the individual. This is particularly true if the individual consumes various energy giving foods from the carbohydrate food group and from the group of fresh fruits.

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Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition wherein the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin to absorb the glucose or the body cells themselves are resistant to the effects of the insulin hormone. This results in the accumulation of glucose in the blood resulting in possible damage to the kidneys, eyes, heart and nerves. One of the home remedies for diabetes is to remove the seeds of the bitter gourd vegetable and then prepare a watery juice of the bitter gourd. This is known to be the best natural treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Another home remedy to cure diabetes naturally is to add three tablespoons of cinnamon powder to almost a liter of water. This mixture should be allowed to simmer for 20 minutes on a low flame and then strained and cooled before consumption. A natural treatment for type 2 diabetes is to also drink plenty of fresh drinking water throughout the day and ensure that one is at their optimum weight by taking up some form of regular exercise such as walking, jogging, yoga and so on. To cure diabetes naturally one should also modify their diet to include plenty of fiber rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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I am diabetic and suffering from foot infection. Please suggest some treatment?   

A foot infection or a foot ulcer is a medical condition wherein the skin of the foot tends to get broken down and the underlying tissue gets exposed. In the case of those suffering from diabetes this skin on their foot does not heal well and hence they are more prone to developing wounds, infections and ulcers on their feet. A diabetic foot wound is a common condition found in those suffering from diabetes because over time, the high levels of blood sugar tend to damage the nerves resulting in peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetic wound healing especially if on the foot is also slow because of the narrowing of the arteries on account of the accumulation of fatty deposits. On one of the treatments for a diabetic foot infection is to ensure that one gets their feet examined regularly and also monitor their blood sugar levels. Diabetic foot wound healing is also possible naturally by ensuring that one controls their levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and other such medical conditions that would impair the healing of a diabetic foot wound. One of the preventive treatments for diabetic foot infections is that one should ensure that they observe and monitor their feet daily to check for reduced sensation or any cuts and bruises that may be visible.

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Natural remedies to heal diabetic ulcers?

Diabetes is a condition where the individual’s body cannot control its blood sugar levels. This is usually a result of sugar not being absorbed from the blood. Over time, the high blood sugar levels can create a number of problems for the individual. The development of ulcers is one such problem. There are a number of different options for the treatment of diabetes related ulcers.

Diabetic ulcer treatment involves various steps including medical treatments and therapy. Diabetic ulcers are most commonly found on the feet of affected individuals. One must therefore avoid footwear that puts pressure on any part of the foot such as tight footwear. The options for diabetic ulcer treatment must be discussed with one’s doctor. One may go in for surgical treatment for the ulcers. It is more common, however, for treatment to be given in the form of oral medication or topical creams and ointments. The wound area will be regularly cleaned and kept covered in a moist bandage that is replaced daily. Antibiotic medication may be used as well. At the same time, the patient will need to monitor and stabilize his or her blood sugar level. This will ensure that further damage does not occur as the wound is healing.

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