How to plan a crf diabetic diet?

The term chronic renal failure refers to the severe malfunctioning of the kidneys. The kidneys lose their ability to filter toxins from the blood. Maintenance of electrolyte balance is disrupted.

This also affects the blood pressure. Damage to the kidneys result in its improper functioning. This causes an accumulation of toxic wastes in the body. Diabetes mellitus is one of the contributing factors of chronic renal failure. A high carbohydrate, low salt and low protein diet is recommended, as the burden on the kidneys is reduced. Adequate calories with measured intake of fluids are recommended. Protein is around 0.6 gm per kg body weight. Potassium, sodium and phosphate are restricted.

Proper treatment to curtail the blood sugar helps in stabilizing the renal failure. Strict dietary regimen is adhered to. Non compliance results in further complications that are lethal. Blood potassium is maintained to prevent arrhythmias. Seizures, decreased alertness and coma calls for immediate attention. Dialysis is essential for individuals suffering from chronic renal failure. Severe malfunctioning requires a kidney transplant.

Patient care is essential, as complications that accompany chronic renal failure are infertility, gout, impotence, malnutrition, anemia, fractures and miscarriages. Avoid tubers and refined foods. Fatty fried foods are also abstained from.

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