Remedy for facial puffiness

Facial puffiness can be a symptom to many disorders including Cushing’s syndrome, facial edema due to eye sty, tooth ache, or hypopitutarism. It is very important to know the exact cause for your facial puffiness. If the puffiness is simply due to inadequate sleep or only when you wake up in the morning then you can try the following tips –

  • Preferable sleep on your back, this will help improve circulation and avoid facial puffiness in the morning.
  • A light massage with a moisturizer or vitamin E would also help to firm up the skin.
  • Have a sound sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. Avoid late nights altogether. Go early to bed and rise early.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as far as possible.

Visit a specialist if there is pain or if you notice some unusual symptoms like fever or redness to diagnose the exact cause for the same.

answered by S P

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