I Am A Black Man With Bad Ingrown Facial Hair. Please Help With Some Remedies.

  1. DO NOT try to scrap the surface of the bump with your razor. Infection is most likely brewing below the surface and you could spread the infection.
  2. DO NOT try to jerk out the embedded hair. Again, that swelling on the bump indicates that infection is brewing.
  3. Make a paste (poultice) with clay and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to "draw out" and disinfect the fluid that has accumulated to trap and contain the infection. Apply at night and cover with a sterilized band-aid.
  4. The next morning, shower in a warm shower and gently wash off the clay. Do not scrub the bump. Be gentle.
  5. Apply a tiny amount of eucalyptus oil (dilute with almond oil, or plain canola oil if necessary) to the bump and let air-dry.
  6. After about three nightly clay applications, the tiny hair will emerge from the bump and some pus may be seen as it is drawn out of the hair follicle.
  7. Within a day or two, you will notice that the pain (caused by pressure of the plugged hair follicle) will greatly diminish and that most of the apparent redness has disappeared.
  8. If the bump continues to not to respond to being "drawn out" or purged by the clay , then apply propolis liquid extract, or colloidal silver to the bump to aggressively drive down infection, which is causing the swelling.

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