What helps relieve body aching and head aching?

A headache is basically defined as any kind of pain or ache that is experienced by the person in the area around the head and even in the neck. Relief from headaches is something that is sought by almost everyone at some point or the other as they are known to be very common. Headaches are typically categorized into three main types namely migraine headache, cluster headache and tension headache. Among these the most common type of headache experienced by most people is the tension headache wherein tension for a prolonged period of time tends to result in a spasm in the muscles that are present at the base of the neck resulting in pain in both the neck as well as in the area in front of the head. Some of the symptoms of headaches include blurring of vision, confusion of ideas, depression or even excitation along with tightness or aching behind the eyes, head and neck. In many cases, headaches and body aches tend to go hand in hand and may be on account of continuous strenuous activity, fatigue ,an allergic reaction, high blood pressure or even low blood sugar levels, insomnia, constipation, eye strain , lack of sufficient sleep or even emotional stress and tension.

One of the natural remedies for headaches is to consume whole ripe apple first thing in the morning along with a pinch of salt on an empty stomach. This treatment should be ideally consumed for at least one week on a daily basis. Relief from headaches can also be gained especially in case of a sinus headache by boiling some dried ginger or even some fresh ginger in some water and then inhaling the fumes of this water. Lemon is known to be one of the best natural treatments to get relief form headaches that are a result of exposure to heat. One should pound some lemon crusts into a fine paste and then apply this paste as a plaster one ones forehead. Natural remedies for headaches during pregnancy in case of those who suffer from regular headaches also includes modifying ones diet to ensure that they are consuming plenty of fresh green vegetables and fruits such as spinach and carrots and also ensure that one consumes sufficient amount of water. Relief from headaches during pregnancy can also be gained naturally by preparing a fine paste of some cinnamon sticks along with some water and then applying this paste on ones forehead as well as temples.

Body ache remedies depend on the cause of the body ache which could be as a symptom of the flu or the cold. In such cases, one of the best body ache remedies would be to allow the person to get as much rest as possible and then provide them with proper nutrition and even prescribed medication as may be required. Although exercise may usually not come across as one of the body ache remedies, one should understand that exercise tends to promote muscle relaxation and stimulate circulation as well. This happens on account of the production of endorphins that are the hormones which are known to minimize the perception of pain as well as actual pain itself. Body ache remedies also include the use of moist heat in the form of saunas, hot baths or the jacuzzi. In such cases for these body ache remedies to be actually effective, it is advisable to keep one's body exposed to the moist heat for at least 20 minutes at a stretch. One of the best body ache remedies is to add some Epsom salts in one bath water and soak oneself in this water for some time.

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