Is there an alternative way to remove dental cement from my childs tooth after the removal of a metal spacer?

The best way to do this is to use a dental pick to scrape the dental cement off the tooth. Be sure to scrape gentle to avoid damaging the tooth. It is important to have your child rinse their mouth out well with a mouth was containing yarrow to remove any cement and prevent infection in case of scraped or bleeding gums. Removing dental cement yourself can take a very long time, it would probably be much easier to take your child back to the orthodontist so that they can remove it with their bur and power tools. They should not charge you for this since it is their fault they missed the cement the first time around. From personal experience though, the cement DOES go away after a little while. After experiencing 10 year of retainers, spacers, and braces.... I have had a lot of left over cement on my teeth.... if you brush regularly, the cement goes away after a few months. If you decide to leave it, you can pick it a little with the dental pick to smooth out the rough edges until it all goes away. This will prevent it from rubbing sores in your child's mouth.

answered by R P

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