Information regarding metal cleansing

Metal detoxification is important for the body to prevent diseases and enhance the healing process. It purifies the blood stream and makes you healthier and stronger. Have a lot of vegetable and fruit juices on a regular basis, drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits, sprouts, vegetables and raw vegetable salads. There are many herbs which are beneficial in detoxifying the body.

Dandelion increases the production of bile and stimulates its flow to the gallbladder. Polysaccharide insulin found in Dandelion contains white blood cells which boosts the immune system.

Sweet potatoes are a very good source of beta-carotene and very effective in removing heavy metals from the body. Phytochelatins present in it binds with such harmful chemicals like cadmium, mercury, lead and copper and flushes them out of the system.

Eat uncooked spinach as the oxalic acid in it is transformed into crystalline form which can damage the kidneys. It also binds with iron and makes it unabsorbable.

Cranberry juice has quinine which is a very powerful tonic and it converts to hippuric acid in the liver. This acid eliminates urea, uric acid and toxins from kidneys, prostrate glands, testicles and bladder.

Black Walnut Hulls remove parasites from the intestinal tract, remove toxins and fatty materials from the body.

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