Looking for a home remedy solution for the following condition stenosis of nasoladrimal duct for my infant baby?

For centuries, one of the most common cures for this problem was breast milk. The mother would simply squirt some of her breast milk into the baby's eyes. This works beautifully. If breast milk is not an option for you, keeping your baby's eyes clean by washing them several times a day with a soft wash cloth wet with warm water will help. To cure the problem, a warm chamomile tea back on each eye once a day along with eye drops made with the herb Eye Bright will quickly solve the problem. Giving your baby a special massage three times daily will also help open the tear duct. Gently massage upward in the direction of the nose for one minute at a time. If your baby is very fussy, you can apply a cool wash cloth or cool compress to sooth baby's eyes in between treatments. Keeping your baby healthy is important, but so is using natural alternatives to medication or surgery as is the case many times for the one out of six babies that has this problem. It is wonderful you are looking for natural cures to heal and protect your baby! If the problem persists for more than two weeks with faithful treatment, you should seek the advice of a natural health specialist.

answered by R P

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