I have developed allergy to proteins and it occurs in the form of rashes on the skin whenever I take proteins in the food?

In a food allergy the body produces Immunoglobulin E antibodies when foods are consumed. This is because the body believes that the foods are damaging and produces as a response. It is the and other enzymes and chemicals produced by the body that cause the symptoms of the attack. In an allergy test it is measured. In a a food intolerance, sensitivity it is not an antibody reponse that occurs and therefore it is more difficult to determine if someone has an intolerance. Ways to overcome this include an exclusion diet (cutting out the foods for 2 weeks to check if the symptoms disappear and them reintroducing the foods and checking if the symptoms reappear) or a Food Sensitivity Test.People with a meat allergy might react to beef, mutton, pork or chicken. Sometimes people who are allergic to one type of meat or poultry might also react to other types. Cooking destroys some of the allergens in meat, but some people will still react to cooked meat. Processed meats, such as frankfurters, luncheon meats and pacirc, teacutes, sometimes contain other ingredients, particularly milk products, as emulsifiers or flavour enhancers. So itrsquos possible for someone who is allergic to milk to react to a meat product because it contains milk. For example, milk is sometimes used in chicken nuggets to stick the breadcrumbs to the chicken pieces. Take a look at what you have been eating in your meals, such as with milk or soy, try to narrow down what is actually causing the allergy.

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