My son (15years) is suffering from skin rashes(urticaria) and doctor prescribed-allergy tablets(livocitrizene) are is not giving him 100% relief. please suggest what to do.

Urticaria is also commonly referred to as chronic hives. Chronic hives or urticaria appear in the form of welts that are red in color. They could appear on any part of a patient’s skin and are very itchy. In most cases hives clear up on their own within a week or two, however, chronic hives may take up to six months to clear up. In some cases chronic hives may clear up within a week, but will recur frequently. Some people may also face hives as a life long problem. The exact cause of this condition is yet to be zeroed in on. However, autoimmune disorders such as lupus or thyroid related problems are said to trigger this condition. Some people experience this condition due to an allergic reaction to certain foods, medications, and pollen pollution in their immediate surroundings.

Since the exact cause of this condition cannot be determined treatment revolves around relieving the symptoms of this condition such as, the appearance of red welts, and the itching sensation. Maintaining a diary with a record of the food, specific medication or environment that triggered your son’s allergic reaction will help in avoiding future encounters with this irritating condition. Apart from maintaining a diary you may find these suggestions and home remedies useful.
  • A warm Epsom salt bath is very effective when it comes to treating the itching sensation caused by urticaria. In order to make a bath containing Epsom salt, simply dissolve around one kilogram of this salt in a warm bath and allow your son to soak in it for around 10 minutes. Repeat this bath thrice a week for effective results.
  • Red ochre and alum are very effective in reducing the swelling and itching sensation caused by this condition. Grind a piece of alum and red ochre to a powdery constituency. Apply this powder on your son’s weals for effective results.
  • Turmeric is very effective when it comes to treating hives. Mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder in a glass of water. Ensure that your son drinks this solution once a day. Turmeric possesses effective anti bacterial qualities, and helps in boosting the immune system.
  • A mixture of vinegar and rose water will also help in relieving the itching sensation effectively. Mix 20 ml of vinegar in 30 ml of rose water for effective results.
  • You may also apply calamine lotion in order to experience relief from the itchy sensation.
  • A paste made out of oatmeal and cornstarch will help in drying out the hive affected area within a few hours. For this purpose mix four tablespoons of cornstarch in two and a half cups of oatmeal.

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