Home remedy for infected tooth

Home Remedies after Tooth Extraction:

There are several home remedies that one can use after a tooth extraction. A common problem faced by people after getting a tooth extracted is that of a dry socket. A dry socket is the place that is left after the extraction. One of the best home remedies to treat this problem is to apply an ice pack. You can either apply ice onto the area affected or directly on the empty socket. Ensure that this area does not get infected as this could lead to further problems. Turmeric is a well known healer and can be applied to this area if it gets infected. Simply put some turmeric powder on a dampened cotton ball and keep it in the socket for a little while.

Infected Tooth Home Remedy:

Chewing a raw onion for about 2-3 minutes is an effective infected tooth home remedy. This helps to get rid of the harmful germs present in the mouth as well as the infection. Also make it a point to add yogurt to your diet as it is a natural antibiotic and helps to heal the area. Try gargling with hydrogen peroxide after every meal. To deal with the pain that accompanies an infected tooth, try exercising your teeth.

Infected Tooth Extraction:

An infected tooth extraction can provide relief from the symptoms (pain being one of them) that accompany an infected tooth. An infected tooth extraction can be done by surgical methods. One or all of the infected teeth will be extracted during this process. Local anesthesia will be applied to the area before extraction. After the extraction, it usually takes about 5-7 days for the affected area to heal.

Extracted Tooth Infection:

A tooth extraction will get rid of an infected tooth but you must take precautions to ensure that the dry socket that remains does not get infected. Some common signs that are indicative of an extracted tooth infection are renewed bleeding. This normally occurs about 48 hours after the extraction. Abnormal swelling, and high fever are two other signs. Check with your doctor about treatment if you develop an infection after an extraction.

Tooth Extraction Infection:

After a tooth extraction, certain symptoms that indicate that you have an infection include swelling of the gum at the place where the tooth has been removed, a high fever, pain that lasts longer than 48 hours (after the extraction), as well as an odor coming from the mouth. This can be serious as bacteria that enter the mouth after an extraction can get into the blood. Do contact your doctor immediately if you feel you have an infection. Antibiotics may be prescribed in this case.

Infection after Tooth Extraction:

It is quite common to have a gum infection after a tooth extraction. An infection or tooth decay are two reasons for a tooth extraction. In most cases, there is no infection after the tooth has been extracted. However, if there is no proper aftercare after an extraction, an infection can occur. One of the reasons for such an infection is when the blood clot breaks off prematurely or when the blood does not clot in the hole that is left behind, after the tooth is removed. This is known as a dry socket and could cause the patient a great deal of pain.

Tooth Extraction Infection Symptoms:

Try not to skip dental appointments during your pregnancy. Pregnancy should be a time when extra care is taken of the gums and teeth as increased hormonal levels at this time make the gums and teeth extra sensitive to bacteria. Studies have shown that pregnant women are more susceptible to dental problems and if the infection is not attended to straight away, it could lead to complications in the pregnancy. The removal of wisdom teeth could also lead to tooth extraction infection symptoms which are listed above.


Tooth infection treatment can be started at home as well. Here are some natural remedies that are beneficial in treating the infection. Sprinkle some salt on a dry teabag and place this teabag on the infected tooth. Leave it in for about an hour to two hours. This helps to draw out the infection. Another effective remedy is to apply clove oil to the affected area. This acts as a good anesthetic.

Tooth Extraction Complications:

Tooth extractions do not generally have any complications but there are some people who might suffer from them. Some of the complications that can occur are infection, bleeding, jaw fracture; part of the tooth is left inside, sinus perforation, broken bone fragments and dry socket among others. A jaw fracture may occur when the bone around the area tooth has become fragile. Such a condition can be seen beforehand in the x-ray and both patient and dentist are prepared for this before the procedure is actually performed.

Tooth Removal Infection:

Post operative infection is among the many complications that might occur after a wisdom tooth removal. In some rare cases, a bacterial infection might occur after the tooth has been removed. Symptoms of this infection are a salty taste in the mouth, pain, abnormal swelling and fever as well.

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Home remedies using garlic and clove will be particularly helpful for toothache.

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