How To Get Rid of Body Weakness And Lethargy?

One of the most common problems faced by people across the globe is the feeling of general weakness and lethargy. A feeling of weakness is generally caused when the body is unable to produce the required amounts of energy. Energy produced in the body is sourced from the food that is consumed, and therefore, it is extremely important that people eat a well balanced, healthy diet. A diet that provides you with enough vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and calcium salts, along with a high fiber content is one that is best recommended for high energy levels, allowing you to be more active during the day. Apart from a healthy diet, it is also necessary that one undertakes a certain amount of exercise daily to further tone the muscles of the body.

Being inactive is one of the most well known causes of muscle weakness and fatigue. Constant tiredness and fatigue manifest the symptoms of lethargy. Depression is one of the most common reasons for feeling lethargic and inactive, and therefore treatment for lethargy would require one to identify the underlying problem causing the feeling. Regulating eating habits and providing one with foods that provide high energy levels is an effective method of treating lethargy and weakness, provided it is complimented by a little daily exercise.

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Difference between fatigue and lethargy?

Tiredness, fatigue and lethargy are a very common part of our lives because of the fact that a lot of us tend to lead highly stressed lifestyles. However, not many people are aware of the distinct difference between fatigue and lethargy. Medically speaking, the primary difference between fatigue and lethargy is that lethargy is considered to be a mental state of mind where you do not have the will power to carry out some task or the other. Fatigue, on the other hand, is a purely physical condition where the body has been through an excessive amount of physical exertion. This would cause a built up lactic acid deposits within the muscles - thereby leaving them with a burning sensation.

The lack of energy that occurs within the body can be a direct result of a number of differing factors, such as an incorrect diet, the wrong kind of exercise and living patterns as well as a lack of proper rest for the body. Tiredness and fatigue can be easily beaten with the help of the right kind of foods as well as lifestyle plans. The kind of food that we have on most days, in a world dominated by fast foods, lack any of the nutrients, proteins and vitamins that our body needs in order to perform optimally.

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How to deal with severe lethargy and depression?

The difference between fatigue and lethargy is related to the underlying issue. Fatigue occurs when some effort has been exerted. This may be normal, if a lot of exertion has taken place or abnormal, if the person has undergone very little activity. Lethargy is condition where the individual does not feel like making the effort in the first place. The causes of lethargy are related to the general psyche of the individual. Laziness is a common problem that dents the productivity of many people. Depression is also listed as one of the causes of lethargy.

Lethargic depression occurs when the individual does not have any drive or desire to perform the physical tasks in question because of his or her mental state. Depression is associated with chemical imbalances as well as with situational issues that may affect the individual. Severe lethargy is a condition where the person does not have the drive to do even basic tasks such as getting out of bed. Depression is a clinically diagnosed condition. A person who displays severe signs of lethargy along with other tell tale signs of depression must be taken for a check up to ensure that the condition is diagnosed. Depression and its related effects can easily be taken care of with medication and behavioral therapy.

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How can lethargy be cured with the help of home remedies?

Lethargy is a condition where the person has no desire to do any work or to perform any physical activity. This may be to the point where the individual does not even wish to get out of bed. Lethargy is usually blamed on chemical imbalances, dietary insufficiencies or emotional problems such as depression. Thus a cure for lethargy could be a little difficult as it requires strong will power on the part of the individual.

The treatment for lethargy is dependent on the causes that have been identified for the condition. There are some general home remedies for lethargy that can be applied to most people suffering from this condition. Firstly, the diet must be moderated so that includes plenty of useful nutrition without containing too much waste. Once this is achieved, one can insist on exercise. These are both general methods to improve the health of the body. This should boost the rate of metabolism and help to generate more energy. For mood related issues, treatment options are extremely patient specific. The trigger that may be causing the depressed mood must be identified and eliminated. Patients suffering from depression may also need to seek medical counseling and treatment so that their problem can be effectively and completely sorted out. Lethargy is self resolving if it is related to some medical condition or medication that gradually passes.

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You may be feeling lethargic due to an illness, boredom or more to do with your mental state than anything else. It also indicates a low immune system. You can also check out our natural home treatments to boost your immunity with nutrition and herbs.

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