How does one avoid jaundice?

Jaundice is known to be one of the most commonly observed liver disorders which is characterized by a yellowing of the conjunctiva of the eye as well as the skin. The yellowing of the skin while suffering from jaundice is because of the high levels of the bile pigment called bilirubin in the blood. One of the jaundice precaution home remedies is to drink plenty of barley water throughout the day. A natural precaution for controlling the bilirubin levels from rising excessively is to drink plenty of lemon water which is known to be very effective in preventing jaundice.

Additionally, drinking lemon water is also known to be a very effective precaution against cirrhosis as it tends to protect the liver cells and prevents them from getting damaged further. Some of the symptoms of jaundice are headaches, fever, excessive weakness, loss of appetite, nausea and so on. In some extreme cases, the individual suffering from jaundice may also experience a dull pain in the area around the liver. Tomatoes are also known to be highly effective towards preventing and even treating jaundice. One should consume a glass full of fresh tomato juice every morning along with a pinch of pepper and salt. One of the other jaundice precaution home remedies includes consuming a glass of clean and fresh sugarcane juice on a daily basis. Precautionary measures against a rise in the bilirubin levels that can be taken at home also include consuming the juice of fresh radish leaves which should be taken on a daily basis by an adult. The juice of radish leaves if consumed regularly results in one having a healthy appetite and also promotes the proper evacuation of one’s bowels.

The most common cause of jaundice is viral hepatitis followed by haemolytic anaemia and other diseases that tend to affect the liver such as malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid and so on. Another effective home remedy which can be used as a precaution against jaundice is consuming around 60 ml of juice of the leaves of the pigeon pea plant on a daily basis. This home remedy is known to be an effective precaution against jaundice and the consequent rise in bilirubin levels. Another one of the home remedies which can be used as a precaution against jaundice is to prepare a mixture of dried dates, cardamoms and almonds which should all be soaked overnight in some water and then ground into a fine paste along with some sugar and butter and consumed by the patient.

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