My wife is suffering from blocked nose continuously. Please suggest remedy and reason for this problem

Before following any options that would provide a blocked nose cure, the causes for the condition need to be determined. These causes could range from physical exertion to air pollution to stress or allergies and even as a side effect of other medical conditions such as the flu and the common cold. A natural blocked nose remedy is to prepare a nasal spray by adding a teaspoon of salt to a cup of distilled water. This mixture should then be poured into a clean and sterilized bottle of nasal spray. Thereafter one should put around 5 - 10 drops of this mixture in both the nostrils which is very effective as blocked nose remedy. This could be used for blocked nose on both sides.

One of the best blocked nose treatments is to inhale steam from a tub or a vessel of hot water. This blocked nose remedy may be done by covering ones head with a towel while leaning over the vessel and then inhaling the steam. This treatment can be made even more effective by adding some eucalyptus oil to the hot water. A blocked nose remedy for treating nasal congestion caused on account of an allergy is to stay away from the known allergens till the exact cause of the blocked nose is diagnosed and confirmed. Another effective blocked nose treatment is to drink some warm liquids such as soups or hot tea as they are known to be highly effective in decongesting ones nose. Similarly, blocked nose treatment also includes drinking plenty of fresh drinking water and this ensures that the body remains hydrated and congestion is also alleviated. Another natural remedy for a chronic case of a blocked nose is to avoid consuming any week till ones nasal congestion has cleared up.

Similarly home remedies for a blocked nose or nasal congestion is to drink some warm chamomile tea as it is known to be very effective in destroying the bacteria and viruses that cause the nasal congestion. Moreover consuming chamomile tea is also known to minimize the buildup of mucus and consequent inflammation. A blocked nose cause by a cold can also be treated naturally by increasing the intake of foods that are rich in fiber. Those suffering from a blocked nose should also consume a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables thereby strengthening ones immune system against any further possible viral or bacterial infections.

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