Why do ears become blocked during exercising?

Your ears might get blocked due to an ear infection or excessive wax in the ears. It can also be due to plugged ears

  • Chew sugar free gums while exercising to promote extra saliva production and act of swallowing.
  • If your ears get plugged while exercising try yawning. Yawning often also helps to unplug the ears.
  • Try to blow air closing both your nostrils and mouth. This will create a pressure that will help the ears to unblock.
  • Add a drop of warm mineral oil or baby oil to the ears. This will help to drain the excessive wax from the ears.
  • Place cotton balls in the ears before starting any exercise. It would prevent blocking of the ears.

Consult a specialist if the problem worsens as the underlying cause might be sometimes serious.

answered by S P

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