Severe pain in heels

In most cases of heel pain, the heel pain is mostly caused by plantar fasciitis which is a medical condition that is also commonly known as heel spur syndrome if there is a spur present as well. Sometimes sever heel pain may also be experienced because of arthritis, a cyst, nerve irritation, tendonitis or even a stress fracture. Before undergoing any heel pain treatment it is necessary to determine the exact cause of the pain in heels. In case of a plantar fasciitis, the fascia tends to become irritated and eventually inflamed resulting in severe pain in heels.

Heel pain relief in cases of heel pain on account of plantar fasciitis may be gained using some natural treatments. These include stretching exercises which tend to help stretch out one muscle in the calves thereby easing the pain. Another remedy for heel pain is to try and minimize walking barefoot as this tends to put added pressure and stress on the plantar fascia. One of the common home remedies for heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, which would provide temporary relief, is to apply an icepack on the heel for around 20 minutes at a stretch a number of times during the day. This will help minimize the inflammation and the pain. One should take care not to apply the ice directly on the skin but instead wrap the ice cubes in a thin towel and only then apply it to the heel.

Home remedies for pain in heels also includes limiting the extent of one's physical activities thereby allowing the heel to rest. Pain in heels can also be relieved by wearing shoes that have good arch support and hence support the foot well. Many a times, individuals tend to experience severe pain in the heels on account of wearing ill fitting shoes, poor posture, obesity or even having an abnormal gait while one is walking. Pain in the heels tends to occur mostly in the back, front or middle portion of the heel. One of the home remedies for pain in heels is to avoid crossing ones legs or feet while relaxing and instead one should try and elevate their feet as far as possible a few times during the day. Another effective natural treatment for pain in heels is to alternately soak ones feet in cool water and then warm water to ease the pain. One can also prevent severe pain in the heels by minimizing or avoiding exercising on concrete surfaces.

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