How to treat staph infections

Staph infection is caused by Staphylococcal aureus which is a bacteria that is fairly resistant to heat.This bacteria grows profusely with the production of toxin at temperatures between 44 and 115 degrees Farenheit.This can occur in those having a compromised health like those suffering from HIV, poor diet and drug abuse. The symptoms include skin rashes, redness, swelling and tenderness of face and extremities, formation of boils or pustules that can ooze out pus or fluid. Certain precautions needed to get rid of staph infection are:

  • Have a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. This can enhance the immune system of the body. Include fibre in your diet and improve the intake of Vitamin C in the form of foods or supplements. Vitamin C is effective against infections and can improve the immune system of the body.
  • Keep the wounds or cuts present in the body covered with a band age or sterilized cloth to prevent entry of the infection through cuts. If the cuts or wounds do not heal even after a long period of time and if there is pus formation, then it is better to consult a doctor.
  • These bacteria can grow very well in humid conditions. Hence avoid walking bare foot in public toilets, common bathrooms or swimming pools.
  • Have a clove of garlic every day which can clean the blood. Certain herbs that can be taken internally with food are Echinacea, Yarrow and Slippery elm.

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Staph infections are a result of a combination of the staphylococci bacteria and a wound or damage to the skin. Many individuals harbor the bacteria on their skin but it does not do them any harm, until the bacteria enters the body through an open would or cut. This leads to formation of pus-filled abscesses that are painfully inflamed. If left untreated they can lead to more serious conditions so it is best to handle a Staph infection as soon as possible.

First thing to do is to keep the wound clean and disinfected. Frequent cleaning with pure witch hazel can work. Fill a mild solution of witch hazel and water in an atomizer and spray it on the infected part. You can do this as often as you like. A warm compress on the pus-filled abscesses may help them ripen faster and thereby get rid of the toxic pus. It is absolutely essential to avoid bringing any other open wounds or sores into further contact with the staph bacteria. Maintain high levels of hygiene and avoid any further sources of inflaming the bacteria.

Overall it is best if you do the above-mentioned things immediately. However, you also need to get a professional medical opinion. This is to make sure that the relatively mild early stage infection does not take a turn for a worse and lead to higher levels of toxicity. The medical practitioner may prescribe some common antibiotics to eliminate the problem.

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