I am 30 year old. My hair is graying and my skin is getting wrinkles. As a result am looking 45 to 48 year old. what shall i do?

I don't know about gray hair it is mostly genetics but wrinkles i have a few recomendations, first of all you must always use sunscreen of spf 30 or more, no matter if it is not summer, wash your face twice a day, use a good anti wrinkle mosturizer ( use ingredients like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, hyluronic acid, glycolic acid, avocado oil etc....) I suggest that you stop by at your local health food store, i like creams that have natural ingredients, i personally use Derma e, there is also avalon organiks, jason naturals....I take salmon oil capsules and evening primrose oil and silica suplement. HAve lots of veggies and fruits, almonds, cachews, wallnuts.....I beleive that is more important what you put in than what you put on......I am 36 years old and proud to say that i do not have a single wrinkle.....i hope that this info is helpfull. also excesrsise cause it stimulate the production of collagen in our skin...good luck...

answered by p

Sorry, this is not a condition where some simple home remedy will work. When same situation was faced by Sage Charak at age 60, he invented a tonic called Chyvanprash. If you get good quality one, try it. But where to find one? no answer.

 Your body needs to reduce its metabolic syndrome which disturbs a chemical process called saptdhatu generation. Liver has become weak, which is responsible for this saptdhatu creation indirectly.

The process of wrinkles starts very slowly. If you can digest fats and proteins, slightly increase them in diet. For strengthening digestion, there are several herbs. But your problem is such that you should personally seek an appointment with an ayurvedist or herbalist.

answered by S B

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