An article here said normal vaginal secretions. How will I know if mine is not

As you are probably aware, it is normal for every woman to experience a vaginal discharge. This discharge is instrumental in keeping the vagina healthy, by regularly flushing away waste matter and controlling the pH levels. The majority of women experience some amount of vaginal discharge during the course of their menstrual cycle. As a matter of fact, younger women who have yet to begin menstruating may also experience some vaginal discharge. Women generally notice the discharge after using the bathroom or will notice wet or dried discharge on their underwear. You can gauge for yourself on the type and kind of discharge and whether it emits an odor. It is normally a good idea to conduct this sort of self -examination as you can familiarize yourself with how you usually smell at different times during the month. This can also help you identify if and when your scent is off.

There are some key indicators that can help you verify whether your discharge is normal or not. Color is considered to be a primary indicator in determining the health of your discharge. Clean or whitish discharge signifies healthy discharge, whereas a yellow or greenish color is reason to be concerned. You can also determine the condition of your discharge by its scent. Usually, normal discharge has a mild odor or none at all. On the other hand, a discharge accompanied with a strong, foul, occasionally "fishy" odor points towards an underlying disorder. In a normal discharge, the texture can range from paste-like to somewhat sticky to clear and elastic-like. The texture tends to depend on your menstruation cycle and whether you are in a state of arousal. Abnormal discharge appears clumpy or lumpy with a texture like, cottage cheese. The volume of the discharge can also be indicative of its health. Normal discharge can vary from a little to a fair amount especially when the woman is ovulating or in an increased state of arousal. Sudden changes in the volume of discharge associated with the other symptoms would indicate unhealthy discharge.

As it is clearly apparent, it is completely normal to have some degree of variation in your discharge during the course of your menstrual cycle. Additionally, many women tend to have varied levels of discharge. Other factors such as pregnancy and hormonal birth control methods may also be responsible for heavier than usual discharge. It is highly advisable that you seek immediate medical attention should you notice any symptoms to indicate that your discharge is not normal.

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