I read your article on vaginal dryness. I'm only 27 years old. Is this normal for me to be experiencing this? I also suffer from underactive thyroid gland. Can this be one of the reasons? What should I do?

Vaginal dryness is the condition where the natural lubrication produced in the vagina stops. Usually, the vaginal walls secret fluids that keep the genital area moist and lubricated. These secretions also help to flow out dead cells accumulated inside and create a natural protection against infections. However, vaginal dryness is usually found to be prevalent among menopausal women, and considering your age it seems you should not have been affected by this condition.

It is likely to be caused in your case due to thyroid gland disorder, as you have mentioned. Premature menopausal symptoms are observed in cases where the thyroid gland is underactive. But there may as well be some other causes leading to vaginal dryness in your case. It is always better to consult a gynecologist to ascertain what exactly the cause of your vaginal dryness is, and consequently treat it as per proper medical methods. There are number of medical treatments available to remedy this condition and in depending on the severity of your condition you might also need to go through a hormone replacement therapy get back your desired hormone level.

There are, however, some remedies you can try out at your end to relieve the vaginal dryness to certain extent. The first thing to do is to increase your daily water intake. Drink plenty of water throughout the day at frequent intervals to keep your body suitably hydrated. You should also find out if there are certain chemicals you are coming in contact with. Many a times, detergents, soaps, perfumes, and other personal care products can act as irritants and lead to vaginal dryness. Another important thing to do is to follow a balanced diet so that the hormone imbalance in the body can be corrected to certain extent. If you are following a low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet there are chances that the body is not getting ample amount of nutrients and as a result production of sex hormones are hindered. Sex hormones like estrogen, which is responsible for vaginal lubrication, are derived from cholesterol and therefore you might need to add certain foods in your diet so as to increase cholesterol to desired level. Also consider applying some commercially available mild lubricants and moisturizers that are deemed safe to be applied to sensitive and private parts. To stimulate the thyroid gland activity you may also eat foods rich in Vitamin A (eggs, carrots, green vegetables) and iodine (sea fish, sea weeds, iodized salt).

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