I'm suffering from rheumatism. Is protein good for me?

One of the main causes of rheumatism is food allergies and the accumulation of toxins or waste products in the blood. The consumption of large quantities of meats, white bread and refined cereals leaves behind large toxic deposits in the system. If the individual leads a sedentary lifestyle with low energy levels, then toxic wastes may get collected around the joints, forming the basis of rheumatism.

You must avoid consuming fats, mainly those that are chemically altered such as fast foods, margarine, ready made pastries and so on. Consuming a diet rich in whole foods, vegetables, fiber, low in sugar appears to provide some protection against rheumatism. A healthy cholesterol lowering diet which include reduced fat sources of protein could be a part of your diet, such as fish, lean chicken or turkey. The main focus of dietary therapy is to avoid food allergies, by avoiding ingestion of some foods such as wheat, corn, milk, and night shade family foods (tomato, eggplant, potato, beef and peppers) the eradication of such foods could ease some symptoms of rheumatism.

answered by A W

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