Can rheumatism be cured by diet, without taking any medicines?

Rheumatism is an inflammatory condition that afflicts the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This acute chronic condition can be extremely painful to the point that it is almost debilitating for most people. Given that certain foods do have an inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effect it is only natural that your diet should feature prominently in any treatment plan. While you are certainly right about the efficacy of dietary modifications as a treatment for rheumatism it would be unwise and careless to neglect any medical treatments that your doctor sees necessary. The recommendations of your health care provider should be paramount, while alternate methods of treatment should be used as complimentary treatments, helping facilitate healing.

Inflammation being the major component in rheumatic pain it would be advisable to identify and plan your diet around foods that cause and reduce inflammation.

Here are some foods that are good for you:

When cooking or using oils as a dressing try and use fish oil, walnut oil and olive oil. Make it a point to include fish, particularly of the oily or fatty varieties, as these foods are all a rich source of omega 3 and 9 polyunsaturated fats. This will help combat inflammation. Keep in mind that your diet still needs to be balanced, so you will need to eliminate other fats to prevent excess fat intake. Also make it a point to include a lot a fresh vegetables and Fruits in your diet.

Foods that you should cut down on:

Minimize your intake of fat sources like soy and corn oil as both types can increase inflammation. Most pre-prepared or processed and refined foods contain fats of these types, and should therefore be limited in your diet. Try to eat home prepared food for the most part. Inflammatory responses may also be increased from the consumption of corn and cereal products, including products that contain wheat, so try and avoid them. Wheat causes inflammation in some individuals in the intestines (celiac disease), but it may also trigger rheumatic symptoms. Don’t avoid full corn cereals and breads completely however as they are valuable foods.

Foods to be avoided:

Fats that are not natural, or rather have been chemically altered to give them their consistency are extremely detrimental to your health and should be completely avoided. Fatty foods like margarine, most junk foods, and ready made cookies and cakes tend to have this type of fat.

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