Because of nose block and sneezing I can't sleep well and it's giving me lots of problem. Even I can't breath properly.

Nasal congestion, colds and coughs, and sneezing are among the most common complaints. These are not always serious and they are treated in most cases simply as symptoms of minor conditions like a common cold infection, reaction to irritants, or allergic reactions. In some cases however the condition may actually be caused by a more serious underlying problem, which would become evident soon enough, as the condition would not respond to the usual treatments. Nasal congestion is particularly bothersome because it does disrupt and severely reduce the quality of sleep. As you mention this is already becoming a problem for you. This is in a way like a chain reaction as the lack of sleep in turn leads to other problems, one being a weakened immunity, which can leave you even more vulnerable. The good news however is that this problem can be treated quite easily and you should be back to normal in no time at all.

Although there is good reason to be skeptical about a lot of home treatments, the fact is that there are plenty of natural home remedies for a variety of common conditions that are actually quite effective. Most of these have in fact been scientifically validated. Nasal congestion is one such condition and this probably owes to the fact that it is so common and widespread, with a high rate of incidence.

Here are some tips and natural remedies to help you cope with the sneezing and congestion.

  • Decongestant drops and nasal sprays are quite popular, and are great for anyone hard pressed for time, as they can be conveniently procured from any medical store. You can even prepare a saline solution at home a teaspoon of salt added to a liter of water.
  • The most effective treatment for nasal congestion however remains steam inhalation. Steam inhalation with a dash of eucalyptus or peppermint oil added in can be even more effective.
  • Hot herbal teas can also be sipped on through the course of the day. Try and have teas like chamomile and ginger tea. Chicken soup and broths can also help.
  • Avoid having any caffeinated or carbonated drinks.
  • Try and add some mild spices to your food, as they never fail to stimulate mucus production, which will help loosen up the congestion.
If you ever find yourself coming down with a possible cold, cough, or flu make it a point to start eating healthy, as a good intake of nutrients alone can help boost your immunity adequately against any infection.

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