I have nasal congestion for a year, tried nose sprays and pills, doctors say I am fine but I am still congested and can not breathe from my nose.

Nasal congestion is a condition that we are all to familiar with and it can certainly be extremely unpleasant. Most of us are however fortunate enough to experience this simply as a temporary result of a common cold, flu or sinus infection. For some though, this condition can be almost constant and seemingly have no plausible medical explanation. If you’ve tried a variety of medications for the problem and your doctors also insist that there is no health problem then you could fall into this category. One possibility that you may have not considered is that of food allergies.

Most people mistakenly believe that a food allergy will cause more obvious and intense reactions like inflammation of the tongue and throat, hives, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. While it is true that food allergies do cause such symptoms, there are many who experience milder symptoms, and nasal congestion could be one of them. If you haven’t already examined this possibility and experimented with methods to detect a food allergy then it would make sense to do so. If you have already tested this possibility and it has been ruled out beyond a doubt, then it would make sense to try out some natural remedies. In most cases home remedies are used as the first line of defense and pharmaceutical medications are reserved as a last resort. Since you have already tried and had no success with such medications it would however make sense to try some natural options.

One remedy that it is unlikely you’ve tried stems from an ancient Indian practice, which is known to most yoga experts. The practice is known as jal neti and is basically what we today refer to as nasal irrigation. This practice has been used for millennia in India and is known to be the best remedy for the prevention of nasal congestion. Most practitioners can vouch for the fact that it not only cleanses the nasal cavities, but helps prevent a variety of conditions and eliminates nasal congestion. This simple process is used to cleanse the nasal passages and flush out excess mucus and debris. Only clean boiled saline water should be used. It would be best to learn the practice from someone qualified as it can be tricky for someone not familiar with the concept. Once you master it however it would be as easy and simple as brushing your teeth.

Yoga is another practice that could help because of its stress on breath exercises. Another alternative discipline that could offer relief is aromatherapy. Steam inhalation with aromatherapy is effective for almost all problems of nasal or sinus congestion. Other practices include increasing your consumption of spicy foods and placing hot moist compresses beneath the eyes and against the nose.

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