Relieve stuffy nose quickly

No matter what the cause of nasal congestion or a stuffy nose, the condition is more of an annoyance and irritation than anything else. Although not initially serious in itself, the problem can eventually give rise to other dilemmas as it takes its toll on the amount of, and quality of sleep you can get. This in turn has further repercussions on your health. In most cases a stuffy nose is caused as a result of a cold or flu or allergy. Contrary to popular belief nasal congestion does not imply that there has been or is any excessive production of mucus, instead the congestion itself may be caused due to inflammation of the nasal membranes. Unfortunately, when there is any such swelling, mucus gets trapped within as it can not drain from the nasal passages and this only aggravates the feelings of stuffiness. Under natural circumstances this process can take a considerable amount of time.

The condition can however be resolved quite easily at home with some intervention. Natural remedies and treatments are quite effective. If the condition has been aggravated or triggered by exposure to irritants or allergens then try and identify the exact cause, and avoid any exposure to the irritant. For example if airborne pollutants and dust are the main source of irritation, simply using an air conditioner will help, as it also filters out the irritants. Vaporizers and nasal sprays both work along the same principle. They can both help loosen up any congestion and get rid of the stuffy symptoms. Dehydration contributes to thickening of mucus and blockage, so also make it a point to drink a lot of water. Vaporizers and nasal saline sprays likewise help loosen up the congestion. Steam inhalation is probably the most effective home treatment for any kind of congestion, and it brings instant relief. Aromatherapy practices that involve using diffusers and steam are also very effective.

Many traditional remedies also recommend eating extremely spicy of pungent foods as they trigger mucus production, freeing up the nasal passages. Herbal teas like peppermint tea, spearmint or chamomile tea are also said to be very effective, and you could even try snacking on hot soups and broths. Stick to a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as this will help boost your natural immunity and protect against any infection. Avoid consuming any oily, processed and refined foods, or caffeinated drinks.

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