What can you do for extreme hair damage due to chemicals what home remedy can you use

Hair damage results in dry and brittle hair that is very difficult to style. Damaged hair is also more likely to break or split which means that the ends of the hair are rough. Since the ends are rough they catch on each other easily which results in tangled and knotted hair. You can use home remedies for damaged hair to regain lost moisture and keep your hair smooth and manageable.

Hair damage is generally caused by the excessive use of styling products and styling appliances. Chemicals from styling products and cosmetic cleansing products will damage your hair and cause it to become dry and lifeless. In addition to this, the extreme heat from a blow-dryer strips the hair of moisture and destroys the natural protective oils present on the hair. Chemical treatments and products that contain harsh chemicals cause a buildup on the hair. This chemical buildup coats each individual strand of hair and prevents it form receiving essential fatty acids. These fatty acids would normally permeate the hair strands and protect them and without this protective sheath, the person's hair loses moisture and becomes brittle. There are several ways to cleanse your hair of chemical buildup and protect it. However, it is important that you use these remedies on a regular basis for lasting results. You will first need to cleanse your hair of any chemical residue and then you will have to work towards replenishing lost vitamins and oils.

In order to cleanse your hair of all residual chemicals, you will have to use a hair and scalp cleansing pack. Mix equal quantities of fuller's earth and gram flour. Add a spoon of lemon juice to this mixture along with enough tomato juice to make it into a slightly thick paste. Apply this paste to you hair and scalp and allow it to remain on for at least 30 minutes. Wash your hair well with slightly warm water. Cut an avocado and a banana into large chunks and blend it along with a little fresh coconut milk. Use this instead of your usual cosmetic conditioner and allow it to remain on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing your hair well with cold water. This natural conditioner will provide your hair and scalp with plenty of fatty acids and nutrients which are essential for problem-free smooth hair. Make sure that you do this on a regular basis in order to protect your hair from further damage.

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