How safe is oral sex

It is a common misconception that oral sex is extremely safe since there is no risk of getting pregnant or of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, this is just a myth and the truth of the matter is that sexually transmitted diseases can very easily be transmitted through oral sex, and in fact more easily than through sexual intercourse. Oral sex involves the use of the mouth for making sexual contact with the vagina, penis or rectum of the partner. The mouth has a very delicate tissue lining which is not as elastic as that of the vagina. As such it is very easily broken. The lips and mouth are also prone to dryness and tiny cracks and fissures. This makes it easy for viruses and bacteria to enter the body, thereby resulting in many sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, HIV, hepatitis B and genital warts. Also, the rectum and genital areas are common thriving grounds for various bacteria and other germs that cause infections and which can spread to the mouth during oral sex.

Performance of oral sex poses a risk of infection transmission as the pre-ejaculation fluid may enter the mouth. The semen is the carrier for many sexually transmitted diseases as are all other bodily fluids. The presence of wounds in the mouth such as cold sores or cuts can enable the virus to enter the bloodstream and cause infection. It can also work in the opposite direction and the infection could spread from the infected blood from the mouth, gums or lips of one partner to cuts, sores or scratches on the penis or vagina of the other partner.

It is advisable to practice precaution during oral sex. The use of polyurethane or latex condoms helps to prevent the chances of virus transmission while performing oral sex. Female condoms and dental dams also work well. Herpes is easily spread during oral sex and is a contagious infection even if the symptoms are not present. Prophylactic medications do reduce the chances of herpes outbreaks and transmission, but still the risk if not entirely eliminated. Condoms too are not effective in this case, as herpes can spread from skin contact. Throat infections resulting from gonorrhea are another common consequence of oral sex. The common signs that are indicative of a sexually transmitted disease are discomfort while urinating, fluid discharge from the vagina, blisters, warts, sore or rashes in the genital area and itching and irritation in the genital and anal areas.

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