How can you get rid of bad vagina odor?

A healthy female vagina is odorless. However, if a fishy odor is emitted from the vagina that is causing you depression and embarrassment then it is because of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial Vaginosis requires medical attention which will remove the odor along with the infection. Vaginitis is associated with foul or fishy odor as is trichomonas vaginalis and Candida.

Poor hygiene is one of the reasons for the foul smell. Wash your vagina thoroughly with water after urinating. Traces of urine if remained on the vagina can get deteriorated leading to formation of infection and entrance of the parasites into the vagina.The best method of cleaning the vagina is with water. Use of creams or lotions can plug the tissues of the vagina leading to smelly discharge. Chemicals if used can remove the natural oils on the vagina changing the pH balance of the skin. Infection on the vagina can also spread to the urinary tract, thus aggravating the situation. Using cotton under wears, changing the sanitary napkins regularly during menses and maintaining proper hygiene of the body is essential for a healthy vagina.

Vaginal odor may also depend on what you eat, whether you smoke and drink. Spicy foods and soy sauce can affect the vagina. Heavy smoking as well as drinking alcohol can comprise to infection in the vagina. Stressful lifestyle can also be a factor towards vaginal odor. Hence eat healthy and less spicy, avoid smoking or drinking and reduce your stress levels to reduce infection of the vagina.

Certain herbal medicines are useful to rid bacterial vaginosis or odor at home. Tree tea oil or cream can be used as topical application against vaginosis. Acidophilus can increase the number of healthy bacteria in the body thus decreasing infection. Aloe Vera can bring relief from itching associated with the infection. B complex vitamins are useful for women suffering from such infection.

However, if the odor still persists with itching sensation and bleeding apart from the menstrual period then it is advisable to meet the doctor.

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