Vaginal Odor Treatment: How Do I Get Rid Of Fishy Vagina?

Problematic vaginal smells can be caused due to various elements. The most standard reason is excessive growth of vaginal bacteria also known as bacterial vaginosis. An abundance of this bacteria results in a 'fishy' odor.

These smells are also an indication of vaginal infections or vaginal yeast overgrowths. Keep away from tight polysynthetic underwear, thongs, stockings, and tights etc. as these restrict the normal flow and circulation of air around the vulva. Tight and uncomfortable clothing creates a damp perspiring environment that causes normal skin bacteria to overgrow and cause unpleasant odors.

Cold pressed organic flaxseed oil is an amazing cure for many ailments especially in the case of vaginal infections. The oil should be a must in your diet and it should be consumed along with fresh vegetables and fruits daily. During the course of an infection one tablespoon of the oil should be consumed around one to three times daily. It can be used in salads, as a dip and spread preparation etc. However this oil should be used for cooking or frying. Flax seeds in its self are a healthy companion sprinkled on top of breakfast cereals or muesli.

While it would do good to keep away from processed and fast foods and especially refined flour products and saturated fats

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