Advice on swollen ankles and knees after walking

Swollen ankles and the knees can cause a great deal of discomfort and it is important that you are relieved of the pain that is being experienced. Over exertion of the joints during physical exercise causes an inflammation of the connective tissues, leading to joint pains that can be extremely uncomfortable. In order to avoid swollen ankles and knees, it is important that the body is warmed up before attempting to undertake any strenuous physical activity. After the body has been well warmed and the connective tissues have achieved a greater amount of elasticity, the risk of injuring or over exerting the musculoskeletal system is minimized. There are various home remedies for swollen ankles and knees that have been tried and tested over the years. As much as physical exercise is important to the body, it is equally important that the body be given a period of rest, where worn out and damaged tissues can be repaired. Overworking the body will lead to fatigue, and that is when excruciating pains are experienced. Treatment of swollen ankles is best taken care of by a gentle massage with a medicated balm that generates heat in the area of application. Hot fermentation to the painful joints is also an effective method of treatment.

answered by G R

First thing is check your Blood pressure, better to check also the renal function test (and urinalysis). These tests will let you know how your kidney functions and if there is reason for water retention. Also, proper mobility (i.e. exercise will help you to  have proper circulation and venous flow).

Decrease salt (or maybe even better if you cut salt from your diet) as salt retains water in the body.

Elevate lower limbs from time to time and do some leg movement if standing a lot. Never sit crossed legs as this impedes blood flow.

answered by M L

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