What to do for water on the knees?

Your question seems to be particularly unclear, but water on the knees could only mean one thing. And that is you have the problem of water retention on your knees. Assuming that this is the nature of the problem you are describing, you should be aware that there are some pretty simple and easy methods you can follow to take care of this particular problem. As a matter of fact, water retention is fairly easy to get rid of as well as control. You would have to make some simple dietary changes in order to take care of your situation. The first thing you should be aware of is that the easiest way to fight water retention is to drink more and more water. The more water you drink, the more will be flushed out of your system via the body's easy method of removing excess water - urination. Basically, water retention problems occur when the body has excessive deposits of salt in it. They are typically triggered off when you eat food that is high in salt. This would include a large variety of salty junk food as well as food that has additional salts such as mono sodium glutamate (MSG) added to them. It is good to know that most Chinese food has this product, unless you specify that you do not want it to be added to your order. So you should also know that you are better off avoiding foods that have a high salt content, or that contain added substances like MSG.

It would be advisable for you to stick to a relatively light as well as fat and carbohydrate free diet for the next couple of days when you experience this feeling that you are troubled with water retention in your knees. Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help to fight this problem to a large extent. You should also stay away from food that contains too much salt - of course; you can always have a little in your regular food. Simply concentrate on flushing your body out with fluids. It is also a good idea to go for a workout in order to take care of the situation. Since you are in all probability experiencing knee problems, you should opt for swimming, which will not stress out your knees too much. The problem will be taken care of if you follow these methods for a few days.

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