Natural treatment for dark elbows, arm pits and knees: What should I do to lighten my knees and elbows? And also to lighten my armpits. Is there any effective ayurvedic product to remove my tan and lighten my skin? And if there is 1 where will I get it n

Alternative Cure to Lighten Arm pits, Dark Elbows and Knees

Elbows, arm pits and knees are the least concentrated areas, while having bath or during make up. Rubbing the elbows and knees with lime juice is helpful in decreasing the tan in the elbows. Another alternative is to place elbows on a cut lime, and remain for 20 minutes. A tablespoon of coconut oil with half a teaspoon of lime juice is equally effective. Cover the elbows with a hot towel. A paste of corn flour is applied topically on the knees and elbows. Half a teaspoon of vinegar is added to half a cup of curd. This is mixed well and applied on the arm pits, elbows and knees. Dabbing a cotton ball with alcohol and rubbing on the knees is an effective remedy. Sugar or baking soda is added to your shower gel. Use it for exfoliation purposes. This can be replaced with oat meal or dried apricot powder. Moisturizing cream is applied, after exfoliation. Armpits become dark due to shaving them. Remove hair by waxing them. Bleaching the arm pits is a good idea! Aloe vera gel proves beneficial on dark knees. Powdering the knees and elbows well helps in temporary camouflaging.

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